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cutesy blog “Black Coffee and a Donut” brings the LOL’s and sweet ideas for Halloween

Posted on: October 16, 2009

I have to say I’m really loving my semester project this time around. I’m actually interested in the places that I’m finding and the blogs that I’ve read over.  This time I checked out “Black Coffee and a Donut” blog, written by sisters ‘Xani’ and ‘Erin’. The blog boasts a warm and cute layout which reflects its title. It chronicles the girls’ adventures through the area at different restaurants, while making time to extend neat recipes to their readers. Their most recent posts were about the Mobbies, The Baltimore Sun’s award for most outstanding area blogs, and some cool ideas for Halloween.

Once again I prefer these types of blogs because of their more personal feel. I feel like I’m actually having a conversation with the girls even though I am simply reading their blog. Their personalities also shine through their writing which is good for relatability. The blog is efficiently organized and easy to navigate with each topic archived. I also loved their use of pictures and video for various topics as well.  Finally, the girls manage to visit some of the newer restaurants that have opened around town and take time to tell us about it. Overall, a great blog.


2 Responses to "cutesy blog “Black Coffee and a Donut” brings the LOL’s and sweet ideas for Halloween"

I really like your topic because there is definitely a lot to find on it. It interests me a lot because I’m from the area and never really looked into these places. I like how you spoke about the blog in this post made by the sisters it really made me want to read it rather than just skim over it like I normally do to websites. Blogs like that are more personable and including those in your posts might help give you more of a reading base. Still my only suggestion is to talk a little more about the place.

This sounds like an interesting blog. However, remember that you should be discussing in some detail at least one recent post. This is a bit generic.

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