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Posted on: November 6, 2009

This week I found the  blog, ‘What’s to Eat Baltimore’. It’s ran by a husband and wife who basically love food, finding new places to eat, new recipes and quirky food ideas. Once again there is a personal element to the blog because  they are from the area and most of their posts pertain to local stories. A post that initally caught my eye was from right around  Halloween. Many of their readers emailed them pictures of crazy cakes  that they designed for Halloween. Some were gruesome and some were cutesy, but each was unique.

What I like about the blogs that I find is how true they are to the area and that makes it easier for me to find new story ideas. For instance, one of her posts from last January is about the 18th Annual Chocolate Cake Fair at  M&T stadium.  I never would  have known that there was a specific fair for chocolate cake  in Baltimore and that all of the proceeds go to charity. I kind of wish that I could cover  it for a module because it’s such a neat story. With music, demonstrations and celebrity guests, I would have some great angles to cover for a module.


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