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i love pretty maps!

Posted on: November 6, 2009

I took some time to look over the interactive maps at 10,000 words and I was immediately drawn to the map of London. Not only are the colors vibrant and inviting, the font is easily readable and the map itself is easy to navigate through. I feel there is nothing worse than interactive media that is hard to use and/or understand. There are multiple flags  that correspond to different areas on the map and that offer blog information, video and additional images for the viewer. By far, it was my favorite one.

Probably the worst map I viewed was designed for Wrestling fans. The map is designed for high school’s whose  students can log on and make votes for their school. The map is designed like a Google map and you can click on different dots in map to see which school has the most votes. The map itself is efficient, it serves its purpose. However, I found it boring and uninviting. The colors used were lame and didn’t catch my eye at all.

The third map I viewed depicted New York and New Yorker’s views about the city’s government services. It includes a virtual map of New York divided into the major areas like Staten Island and Brooklyn. Overall this map was efficient and definitely better than the wrestling map.  There were contrasting colors which helped it to stand out more. The only issue might have been with the way the results were displayed.  I actually had to read over it a couple of times to understand the data, and if I, a college student, had to reread, I can imagine it possibly being difficult for someone older and not as used to the technology.


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