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Sweet, sweet Mary…

Posted on: November 13, 2009

My weekly search for Baltimore-based bakeries has landed me with Sweet Mary, a blog by Mary Lynn Ellen, a former business woman and teacher. In her late 30’s she decided to give up her 20-year career to enroll as a freshman at Johnson and Wales culinary school, where she graduated at age 38. Ever since she’s been teaching private and group cooking classes, blogging about her favorite recipe treats, and reporting on local food-related activities for her audience. For instance, in one of her recent posts she talks about her Autumn Pie Class at Kaleidoscope in Roland Park, and events at Baltimore’s local Center Stage that center around cooking.

With her Local Flavor section and Interview section, she helps bring the readers closer to her by providing a more personal flare with her writing. She interviews some of her fellow local bloggers like Rachel, author of Food Maven and Coconut and Lime, for their opinions on cooking and to share a few stories. As I’ve mentioned before, what I’ve liked the most about these local blogs is they give me so many ideas for module stories. Not only am I introduced to more local places of interest, but also festivals and gatherings that focus specifically on my semester topic.


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