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The Science of Sex —> a Critique

Posted on: November 16, 2009

Multimedia presentation, the Science of Sex, is a thoughtful and provoking collection of images, interviews and a brief background of information regarding love, dating and of course, sex in the year 2009. I could tell when I first went to the site that this was not going to be a simple overview of where babies come from. Students at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism interviewed over 100 people for the project. Each section of the project is just as clean as it is inviting. The elements of color and arrangement of photos and use of flash are easy to navigate through and keep you interested at the same time. 

There is well-created page that is devoted to the three authors, with their pictures and biographies. 

Much of the presentation is devoted to rising virtual world network, Second Life. There is a special page for it as well, which tells the readers how to meet, date and eventually have sex in the virtual world. Having sex in the virtual world takes specific steps, according to the video that is available to the reader as well. We are also shown how to get married and cool places to visit, through a convenient slideshow.  

The authors quickly shift the lighthearted focus, and we are emerged into science mode as the science of dating and finding a mate is discussed. This page has multiple videos offering real accounts of dating and relationships, along with an interactive quiz that measures your dating symmetry. Again, this project is so impressive because it combines all of the necessary angles needed to give the readers a “nutshell” of an idea of what they are reading about. 

Finally, the authors give us information on the current use technology to ‘engineer’ unborn babies to be the best, and to help infertile couples. 

I really liked this presentation because with all of the information that is given, the authors had a way of not making the reader feel overwhelmed with so much copy. There were efficient videos and images to back up each point. The images and video were especially helpful during the Second Life section because though it’s very popular, many people have no idea of it or how it works. Once again, the additions of images, video and interactive elements to a story today are not only enhance it, but are completely necessary in a society that has a hard time paying attention.


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