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Posted on: November 20, 2009

This week’s blog search has brought me to Unique Culinary Adventures, by Baltimore native, Jake Segel, a writer at the Baltimore Chronicle. He began writing the blog a few years back after making numerous accomplishments about unusual Baltimore foods, that have even landed him in the Baltimore Magazine. In addition, Segel developed and launched a line of his own unusual canned foods called Denzer’s Food Products. 

Today Segel’s interests have landed him publishing his own online blog with various stories of unusual places he’s been along with the unusual foods he’s seen and tasted.  His blog consists of various personal stories and recipes he’s also found along the way. His most recent post, Mrs. Yi’s Fried Green Tomatoes, a lady whom has  been perfecting her recipe for years, and was ready to share it. Once again, I prefer blogs like these compared to the ‘corporate’ blogs because I am able to relate to write  more efficiently. Not only do they refer to places that I actually know of, their writing is more intimate and conversational. It makes everything feel more close to home, rather than feeling like I am reading a generic post. Overall, the blog is effective and  enjoyable.


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