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Posted on: December 12, 2009

If it’s one thing I know about this class, it’s ‘preparation is everything’, and it really is. The tasks that we were assigned over the course of the semester really aren’t that hard  if you have all of your ducks lined up. The storyboard and other methods of planning really make things a lot easier when trying to find story ideas during crunch time.  Just simply having an idea of where you are going and who you might talk to  can make even the most elaborite modules seems a little less intense.

As with my first time around, my biggest issue with the class is the blog posts. I’m carrying 18 credits this semester and  it was to a point where i literally had to set an alarm on my cell phone to try and remind me to do the posts every Friday. Big projects were a no brainer, they were completed successfully and on time, but boy those blog posts. That is why I say preparation is key. Knowing what you’re doing and where you’re going ahead of time is so important.

Technically speaking, I learned more about html  and  photoshop which I love. I am a journalism major and honestly at this point I really wish I would have went into something else, not because of this class but more like all of my mass communication classes. I would rather  have studied something more like graphic design or website  design or business. Overall, this class was a good experience, technology-wise and I really cherish what I learned about the internet and the Adobe programs.


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